365 Project Display

When I started my 365 project, I knew that I wanted a display component to happen with it as well. As I tell my clients, digital images are all well and good, but if they never make it off your computer and up on the wall, then what's the point? Especially in shooting every.day.for.a.year., if I didn't find a way to showcase my family, then I felt like I was missing a pretty vital piece of the journey. I knew that I wouldn't have space on my walls to show every single picture from the entire project, so I thought about it in terms of monthly displays. I also knew that I wanted to be able to change the pictures out easily every month. And I wanted to prints to be manageable both in cost and in size.

I decided on 4x4 square prints.  In terms of display, I knew I wanted a rustic look and that clothespins and twine were in my mind.  I figured I could probably fit 25-30 prints at at time.  And the display would be both motivation and a reward.

A reward for being intentional about shooting every day (because who doesn't love to have physical prints in your hands?!?) and motivation because I made a promise to myself that I would take all the pictures down at the end of the month in anticipation of getting the next set printed, so if I'm not continually shooting, then I have nothing to put up for a month. And who wants to stare at a blank display? Not this girl.

We just moved into our new house, and while I did miss a few days in February due to illness (the flu is no joke ya'll) and, well, life - I wanted those to be the first set I got up on the wall. So I ordered my 4x4 prints through Social Print Studio ($16.00 for 24 photos) and set out to find a way to display them.

I headed into Michael's, originally, with the idea of finding something completely different for my house (some decorations for my kitchen), and then I saw the most perfect things for the space I had set aside. 10 minutes later they were in my car, 20 minutes later they were hanging up and now I was just (not so) patiently waiting for my prints to arrive.

My package tracking informed me the prints would be coming Sunday/Monday, so imagine my pleasant surprise when they showed up TODAY!!! 15 minutes later, they were up. And I am in love.


Print your pictures people. It's awesome.