An Oceanside Wedding in Plymouth, MA | Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

On the day of Erin and Matt’s wedding it was raining. No, not just raining. It was DOWNPOURING. As I drove the 2 hours to their ceremony site, the national weather service “flash flood” warnings kept popping up on my phone. I have never seen so much rain fall for so long. Thunder was rattling the windows in my car and lightning was lighting up the sky all around me. So, needless to say, not the ideal conditions for an outdoor, oceanside wedding.

When I arrived at the hotel where Erin was getting ready, she was as calm as calm could be. “So, are we gonna get you two hitched on the party bus?” I asked her jokingly. You see, there wasn’t a backup location for the ceremony. She shrugged her shoulders, smiled and said, “If we need to, that works for us.” It didn’t matter what was happening outside, all they needed was their children and their family around them, and they would be happy.

When we left the hotel for the ceremony location, rain was still falling from the sky. We grabbed as many umbrellas as we could find, walked onto the party bus and hoped for the best. It was a 10 minute drive. In those 10 minutes, the rain stopped, the sky brightened and when we walked off the bus, they had their ceremony right on the water, as they had planned.

I’m convinced that these two are simply magic. It’s not just about the weather. Erin and Matt and their four children are amazing people. The connection they have, the love that radiates from them, it was incredible to be there to witness this family come together. The joy was pouring out from all of them and I feel so honored to have been there to capture this beautiful day for them.

Wedding Day Details

Ceremony Location: Plymouth Waterfront Reception Venue: Jones River Trading Company Dress: David’s Bridal

Caterer: Plymouth Bay Caterer Party Bus: Pro Limo Photographer: Melissa Ortendahl Photography