Christina and Eric's Berkshire Sunrise Engagement Session | Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

I love working with all my couples, but when there is a personal connection, it makes it just that much sweeter. Christina and I met while she was a student at Springfield College and I was working as the Coordinator of Community Standards. Due to her work in Residence Life and my job overseeing the Student Conduct process, our paths crossed a great deal.

She was one of those people that I just connected with immediately. She is legitimately one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Her laugh and smile are contagious. Once she graduated, we continued to stay in touch and it’s been a real joy to have her in my life. When she reached out to ask if I would consider photographing her and Eric’s wedding, well, I didn’t even hesitate - “hell yes” is what I think I responded with.

She and Eric live in Florida now, so we arranged to photograph their engagement session when they were back in Massachusetts in the fall and we settled on a sunrise session. Now, when I woke up at 4am to drive the hour and a half to our session site, admittedly, I was sort of wondering “what did I agree to do?” :) Once I arrived, any questions I had went away completely. The two of them and their beloved pup were amazing. We were greeted with gorgeous fall colors, fog and a drop dead location to shoot in. And can we talk about how ridiculously photogenic they are?!?!

Their wedding is happening in just three days and I CANNOT wait to be there with them to celebrate and capture the day for them. So in honor of their upcoming wedding, here is their engagement session in all it’s sunrise glory.